Where have I been?

Unfortunately for myself, I found myself so very unmotivated after something effected my personal life which left me unmotivated to engage in my courses 100% and I could not find the motivation to keep my blog posts up and running. Now that it is coming up to the end of semester I am finding myself even more stressed then ever! With assignment three creeping its way closer and closer I am finding the course to be very overwhelming, however this is my fault. It is my aim to keep trying with these blog posts as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. All my other assessment if completed and now I can spend my time focusing on this course. I am ashamed at how slack I have been, but I want to put in more energy and effort now that the semester is coming to an end.




Did someone say CapThat…

During my exploration for lesson plans that would be appropriate for the up coming assessment for EDC3100, it was suggested that I look at CapThat. This is a website that proved lesson plans from an array of subject areas with a substantial amount of topics. This is a very useful site because it is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and a majority of the lesson plans have evidence of ICTs being used as a useful learning tool. I have chosen a lesson plan for English that has incorporated some use of ICTs and I have started to complete the check list. 

I underestimated this assessment ! 

Implementation of ICT

If you are ever stuck on how to implement creative ICT tools within your classroom while you are either on Professional Experience or even in the future when we have our own classrooms, have a look at this Youtube video that Amba Phillips  has posted in a recent blog post. The video Implementing effective ICT in the classroom, is an excellent video that showcases how effective ICTs can be, when they are used correctly in the classroom. It explores the usefulness of using short films, Ipads, podcasts, radio, smart board and bog posts (just like this one) to effectively engage students in a new age of creative learning. Our future students are continually stimulated by digital technologies, and embedding them into our lessons will encourage them to go beyond their learning potential.




Generation X

Heres a little bit about my mother, and how her ICT skills have developed over the past few years.

p.s – love you mum

My mother who is under 50 years old still has not, and has never had any wifi, or those internet modems. I convinced her to change to an iPhone 4 from her Motorola Flip phone only about 5 years ago, and only in the past month has discovered Google and Youtube.

Whenever I see my mum she always recommends some silly Youtube video.

She says, “Hey Chels, Youtube ‘Cats and Cucumbers'”. And so of course I go on my Youtube app and watch the first video which is Cats and Cucumbers, and lets just say that will be 4 minutes of my life I will never get back thanks to my mum. She also recently signed up and got herself an email, and asked me for my email address so we can email each other. I mean, why can’t we just text like normal people mum?

It’s so funny to watch my mother and even her mother, adapt into the new age where technology is such an important factor in our every day life.

Can anyone else relate to my mother or even myself?



Signing off for 24 hours? Are you insane!

If someone said to you , that they would give you $5000 to sign off all technological use for a whole day, would you?

Think about it, it sounds easy hey? but the more you think about it, the harder you realise it would be. I got the idea from Michelle’s blog post and decided to really think about this and ask other people how they would cope.

I know for me, I wake up to the irritating sound blaring from my alarm on my iPhone 6. Then I check any messages I may have received and also check social media and any emails. I then get up, have a shower and sometimes even listen to music in the shower off my iPhone which is connected to a bluetooth speaker.

Even my morning ritual would be completely altered if I signed off any technical use for a whole day.

Our lives are so consumed by technology, and now we are being taught how to introduce it and embed it into classrooms. With the world vastly developing along side technology, I guess it really is important for us to see the significance of ICTs.

Its not like when I was in school back in 2001, when I was learning how to write my name. We are now going to have to teach our students how to type their name as well as write, and thats the scary reality.


From this
To this

Don’t get me wrong, I defiantly see the significance and I am excited to see the next generation grow with technology, but what about my memories growing up.

Change is scary. 





Addictive ICT Resource: BEWARE!

I was just looking at Leisha’s Blog, where she started talking in one of her blog posts Week 2 that reminded me of a very addictive yet incredibly useful ICT tool. If you have been learning under a rock the past few years and haven’t heard of the website (now app as well) Pinterest. OH MY GOODNESS! This sparked my memory of all the incredible resources I have discovered that has assisted me as a teacher aide, Junior secondary resource creator and through my many Professional Experiences. I have created literacy and numeracy games such as fraction and alphabet bingo, cause and effect interactive worksheets and different types of apps to assist students understandings of basic fractions. If you are feeling very unmotivated in exciting classroom decorative ideas, literacy and numeracy activities or whether your a fein for anything creative, you need this in your life!  Look for fun ICT tools and activities to embed into your lessons for professional experience, look for interactive blog ideas and topics, look for tools that are going to assist in future assessments.

Have a browse and I promise you will not be disappointed!


Week Two: Goals and Aims.

I think a useful way to stay motivated and keep on track is to incorporate some goals and aims throughout the EDC3100 course. As I am a visual learner, I record all my goals and aims for this course in my diary. However I am going to start sharing my goals through my blog as it may be useful to share where I am up to in the Learning Path and also the assessment.


I know… I said the word assessment, and to think to think its only week two.

But isn’t that what Uni is all about… assignments. So moving on,

Simple goals for this week:

  • Complete learning path for week two, and the activities that correlate
  • Find a suitable lesson plan for assignment one
  • Have a closer look at the draft check list

I know it is a very basic list of goals, but these are the main things that I will be focusing on this week.


ICT Concept Map

If someone had asked me to create a concept map while I was still in school I would have been very reluctant  to do so as I find it’s hard for me to put down my thinking into a format like a concept map. However it is an amazing tool to follow along someones thinking path, and once I had created my concept map of my learning through ICT I feel as though I understand my own knowledge of ICTs  a lot better now. (Who would have thought…). Still I find if I had created it on a sheet of paper, I am have spent more time trying to incorporate a whole lot more into my concept map. I was feeling very uninspired  to create my concept map because I wasn’t sure where to start. I decided to look at other students concept maps to gather a better understanding on how to design these maps. Del from The Little Learning House shared her mind map in a blog post A Mind Map for the use of ICT with students with high needs which really inspired me to start my concept map. I feel as though we both understood ICTs in a similar way and connected our understandings in a way that looked at both students, society as well as the educational system. I have attached below my Mind map which was created using an amazing concept map tool called Bubble.us.


Why use ICTs in teaching and learning? 


Useful tool for past assessment.

I was reminiscing on past assessment and which ICT tools I have used in the past that may be useful throughout this course and future study. One that really stood out for me was the website Voki. This was handy when doing my web quest for a past mathematics course as it was an interactive way for me to introduce myself. You create your own video avatar that you customise and create what you would like the avatar to share. You embed it into a website or you can share through social media, so that it is accessible for pretty much anyone!! 

Everyone should have a look at it as it is an amazing tool, and to be honest I think it’s the coolest and funniest took to use ! 

Personal Prefernce: ICT vs Paper and Pen

I guess growing up only really using paper and pen during classes may be a little bit bias when it comes to my opinion on using ICTs for note taking. However, after reflecting on my way of learning I have discovered over the year I much prefer using the classic pen and paper over ICTs during Univeristy lectures and tutorials. I recently viewed a fellow classmate who touched on this subject (Tturner96) and I feel as though it’s a bit of a touchy subject to discuss as we are learning how to incorporate ICTs within the classroom. I am a very visual learner which means I strive off having drawn mind maps and using different coloured pens to document my way of thinking. It’s hard for me to learn from a computer screen if I have not jotted notes down in my excersise book. I feel quite odd sitting in the ICT course with my classic pen and paper instead of having my laptop open. I wonder whether this course is going to help me transition into using ICTs a lot more to note take. Who else feels this way about note taking ? ☺️