Personal Prefernce: ICT vs Paper and Pen

I guess growing up only really using paper and pen during classes may be a little bit bias when it comes to my opinion on using ICTs for note taking. However, after reflecting on my way of learning I have discovered over the year I much prefer using the classic pen and paper over ICTs during Univeristy lectures and tutorials. I recently viewed a fellow classmate who touched on this subject (Tturner96) and I feel as though it’s a bit of a touchy subject to discuss as we are learning how to incorporate ICTs within the classroom. I am a very visual learner which means I strive off having drawn mind maps and using different coloured pens to document my way of thinking. It’s hard for me to learn from a computer screen if I have not jotted notes down in my excersise book. I feel quite odd sitting in the ICT course with my classic pen and paper instead of having my laptop open. I wonder whether this course is going to help me transition into using ICTs a lot more to note take. Who else feels this way about note taking ? ☺️ 


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