ICT Concept Map

If someone had asked me to create a concept map while I was still in school I would have been very reluctant  to do so as I find it’s hard for me to put down my thinking into a format like a concept map. However it is an amazing tool to follow along someones thinking path, and once I had created my concept map of my learning through ICT I feel as though I understand my own knowledge of ICTs  a lot better now. (Who would have thought…). Still I find if I had created it on a sheet of paper, I am have spent more time trying to incorporate a whole lot more into my concept map. I was feeling very uninspired  to create my concept map because I wasn’t sure where to start. I decided to look at other students concept maps to gather a better understanding on how to design these maps. Del from The Little Learning House shared her mind map in a blog post A Mind Map for the use of ICT with students with high needs which really inspired me to start my concept map. I feel as though we both understood ICTs in a similar way and connected our understandings in a way that looked at both students, society as well as the educational system. I have attached below my Mind map which was created using an amazing concept map tool called Bubble.us.


Why use ICTs in teaching and learning? 


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