Addictive ICT Resource: BEWARE!

I was just looking at Leisha’s Blog, where she started talking in one of her blog posts Week 2 that reminded me of a very addictive yet incredibly useful ICT tool. If you have been learning under a rock the past few years and haven’t heard of the website (now app as well) Pinterest. OH MY GOODNESS! This sparked my memory of all the incredible resources I have discovered that has assisted me as a teacher aide, Junior secondary resource creator and through my many Professional Experiences. I have created literacy and numeracy games such as fraction and alphabet bingo, cause and effect interactive worksheets and different types of apps to assist students understandings of basic fractions. If you are feeling very unmotivated in exciting classroom decorative ideas, literacy and numeracy activities or whether your a fein for anything creative, you need this in your life!  Look for fun ICT tools and activities to embed into your lessons for professional experience, look for interactive blog ideas and topics, look for tools that are going to assist in future assessments.

Have a browse and I promise you will not be disappointed!


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