Signing off for 24 hours? Are you insane!

If someone said to you , that they would give you $5000 to sign off all technological use for a whole day, would you?

Think about it, it sounds easy hey? but the more you think about it, the harder you realise it would be. I got the idea from Michelle’s blog post and decided to really think about this and ask other people how they would cope.

I know for me, I wake up to the irritating sound blaring from my alarm on my iPhone 6. Then I check any messages I may have received and also check social media and any emails. I then get up, have a shower and sometimes even listen to music in the shower off my iPhone which is connected to a bluetooth speaker.

Even my morning ritual would be completely altered if I signed off any technical use for a whole day.

Our lives are so consumed by technology, and now we are being taught how to introduce it and embed it into classrooms. With the world vastly developing along side technology, I guess it really is important for us to see the significance of ICTs.

Its not like when I was in school back in 2001, when I was learning how to write my name. We are now going to have to teach our students how to type their name as well as write, and thats the scary reality.


From this
To this

Don’t get me wrong, I defiantly see the significance and I am excited to see the next generation grow with technology, but what about my memories growing up.

Change is scary. 





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