Generation X

Heres a little bit about my mother, and how her ICT skills have developed over the past few years.

p.s – love you mum

My mother who is under 50 years old still has not, and has never had any wifi, or those internet modems. I convinced her to change to an iPhone 4 from her Motorola Flip phone only about 5 years ago, and only in the past month has discovered Google and Youtube.

Whenever I see my mum she always recommends some silly Youtube video.

She says, “Hey Chels, Youtube ‘Cats and Cucumbers'”. And so of course I go on my Youtube app and watch the first video which is Cats and Cucumbers, and lets just say that will be 4 minutes of my life I will never get back thanks to my mum. She also recently signed up and got herself an email, and asked me for my email address so we can email each other. I mean, why can’t we just text like normal people mum?

It’s so funny to watch my mother and even her mother, adapt into the new age where technology is such an important factor in our every day life.

Can anyone else relate to my mother or even myself?



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